How to Taste a Wine

Part One:

Wine is my ultimate passion and I understand that it can be an over-whelming topic for a lot of people. Wine is one of those unique products that has millions of brands within one group and hence it becomes very confusing to remember and understand for most people.

Not only are there millions of producers but many different countries and regions within these countries that produce wine and from thousands of different varieties; not to mention all the rules and regulations associated with wine. No one person knows everything about wine and how to grow grapes which makes it exciting for some and then confusing for most other people.


I have made these videos as an introductory step to teach people one of the first processes necessary when learning to understand a little about wine; that of how to taste wine and recognise quality.

I aim to teach this in a fun and relaxed setting to encourage even the novice person that wine is an amazing drink which is exciting and interesting. How much you want to learn is up to you. Be aware though, it can take over your life; it has mine!

Part Two:

I would like to thank the amazing Bronnie Howells who did all the filming and editing for this video. Without her it would still be an idea and you would not be learning how to taste wine.

Lynnette Hudson