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Matthew Jukes

"I only heard about the wines of Pegasus Bay when I was the international judge at the Air New Zealand Awards, in Auckland, in 2004. It was here that I met Lynnette Hudson, winemaker at Pegasus Bay, and in one evening’s chat, I understood why the wines of Peg Bay taste like they do, her enthusiasm and passion for wine is unrivalled. Over the years she and her husband Mat Donaldson, also a winemaker at their family company, have become good friends. It is rare to meet people in the wine business who are brutally honest about their wines and who also have an unlimited thirst for tasting new wines and improving their own at every opportunity. I have subsequently visited the winery and conducted vast vertical tastings with Lynnette and Mat, and I am blown away by their all-encompassing knowledge of their soils, their stellar wines and finely honed skills."
Matthew Jukes: Quintessentially 100 Most Iconic Wine Estates