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Private and Staff training

Private and Staff training

Private Wine Tuition:

  • In depth knowledge about viticulture of the world.
  • In depth knowledge about winemaking and the different winemaking styles of the world.
  • In depth knowledge about different wine styles from all the wine regions of the world.
  • Information on the grape varieties particular to a region, how to recognise these varieties and regulations relating to most regions of Europe.
  • I have a great understanding of Burgundy, its classification systems, iconic producers and how they make their wines. I also have a vast knowledge on Champagne, Alsace, Loire Valley, Rhone and Bordeaux.
  • I have also researched and visited most other European wine producing countries, especially Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Hungary and Romania.
  • I have worked in North America and Australia and researched these countries as well as South America and South Africa.
  • Understanding many of the various wine markets of the world.
  • I can help students anywhere in the world to improve their wine knowledge, learn to taste and talk confidently about wine.


Staff Training

  • I can offer wine education on many different levels to all staff with varying degrees of experience.
  • Wine education relating to different varieties of grapes and the particular characteristics associated with each variety. How to taste and recognise these characteristics.
  • Explain and give information on the various vintages for most regions of the wine world. Again how to taste and recognise the various vintages from many regions.
  • Education about the different wine regions of the world. Understand the grape varieties grown in each region and how to taste and recognise them.
  • In depth information about winemaking and grape growing and explain it in simple terms for staff to understand and be able to relate back to customers.
  • How to describe wines especially to customers.
  • Ideal serving temperatures and techniques.