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Private and staff training. 

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Lynnette hudson


Being a winemaker, I bring a breadth of knowledge that can help to greatly improve student’s wine knowledge, developing their palate and giving them the language to talk confidently about wine.


Analytical tasting

help make better blends of wines destined for bottling.


Palate development

Critical and analytical tasting of wines. How to identify different varieties, country of origin, region of origin and learning to recognise many vintages in most of the classical wine regions of the world. Identifying different aromas and flavours and educate on assessing wine quality with reference to balance, structure and length.


Teaching students to talk about wines logically; being able to describe wines in an objective manor and speak with confidence and authority.


How to judge wines, namely using the 20 point and 100 point systems.Identifying and recognising wine faults: VA, EA, AA, Brett and other microbial spoilage issues such as wines that are mousey and/or ropy.

Private Wine Tuition
& Staff Training



Education catering to varying degrees of experience. Helping students anywhere in the world to improve their wine knowledge, learn to taste and talk confidently about wine.

In-depth wine education that relates to different varieties of grapes and the particular characteristics associated with each variety, and how to taste and recognise these characteristics, 


In depth information about winemaking and grape growing and explain it in simple terms for staff to understand and be able to relate back to customers.

How to describe wines especially to customers, Ideal serving temperatures and techniques, Learning about the various vintages for most regions of the wine world.